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Michael Harrison

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Michael Harrison received an NZCE degree from AUT University, New Zealand in 1988 and a BE degree from the University of Auckland, New Zealand in 1991. He is currently employed by Enphase Energy in the capacity of Power Electronics Architect, a role that focuses on the adoption emerging power electronics technology to enable Enphase to maintain the position of leader in the fast-growing Module Level Power Electronics Photo Voltaic (MLPE-PV) market. He holds over 50 international patents and has published 11 peer reviewed technical publications related to switched mode power conversion techniques. In previous employment he has been involved in the research and development of power semiconductor switches, Gate driver technology, digital control architecture, power conversion magnetics, and power converter topology architecture. His current areas of research interest include:

  • High frequency power converter applications for GaN HEMT merged Drain Bi-Directional Switches (BDS)
  • Development of high performance GaN HEMT Gate driver architectures
  • Advanced resonant conversion digital control architecture for high frequency GaN HEMT applications
  • Investigation into hysteresis loss in the output capacitance of power semiconductor switches
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Enphase Energy’s GaN Adoption Strategy

In this presentation, Enphase Energy’s Power Electronics Architect, Michael Harrison will present a high-level overview of the Photo-Voltaic (PV) solar market along with an overview of Enphase’s current microinverter technology that has enabled Enphase to become the number one supplier for residential PV inverters in the US market. This presentation will explore the plans in place for the adoption of GaN HEMT technology in the next generation of microinverter products – exploring the value to be gained by adopting GaN, the technical challenges and hurdles that need to be resolved before GaN can be adopted into mainstream production, the expected timeframe for mass production adoption of GaN and the market opportunity for GaN suppliers.

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Enphase Energy

Founded in 2006, Enphase transformed the solar industry with our revolutionary microinverter technology which turns sunlight into a safe, reliable, resilient, and scalable source of energy to power our lives. Today, our intelligent microinverters work with virtually every solar panel made, and when paired with our award-winning smart battery technology, we engineer one of the industry’s best-performing clean energy systems.

The Enphase Energy system enables people to make, use, save, sell, and own their power. This includes our industry-leading app, which provides unprecedented data and control in the palm of your hand. For the first time in the evolution of our centuries-old grid, people can get paid for the clean energy they produce and share with their communities, helping to build a new energy future that harnesses the sun. This clean, free, abundant source of energy can power our lives and ultimately help replace fossil fuels altogether.

Today, if you see a home with solar panels on it, there’s a good chance it’s an Enphase home. We have installed more than 42 million microinverters on approximately 1.9 million homes in over 130 countries, helping millions of people gain access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy while creating good jobs and a more carbon-free future for everyone. Enphase is putting people and their power at the center of our shared energy future.

Enphase. Power by people.

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