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Mike Harris

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Mike Harris is the Chief Technology Officer for Atom Power, where he oversees research and product development for the company’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure products based on its Solid State Circuit Breaker technology. Prior to joining Atom Power Mike was with the lighting division of Cree where he held various leadership roles over his ten year tenure including Sr. Director of Intelligent Lighting and Vice President of Engineering. Prior to Cree Mike held technical leadership roles at Lockheed Martin, Cisco Systems and LED Lighting Fixtures which was acquired by Cree. Mike has 30 years of experience in diverse industries including telecommunications, electric vehicle charging, industrial power systems, lighting and IoT. Mike holds 22 patents in the area of lighting, controls and power systems. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Clarkson University.

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Electrification and Innovation – The Opportunity for Solid-State Circuit Breakers

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, the world is looking to move towards electrification and away from burning fossil fuels for heating, energy, and transportation. We are near an inflection point in EV adoption that will require a proportional investment in EV charging infrastructure. In this presentation, we will explore the opportunity for Solid-State Circuit Breakers (SSCB) to be the enabling technology for EV charging infrastructure. We will also review key characteristics of WBG devices and how these characteristics play an important role in the adoption of SSCBs.

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Atom Power

Atom Power invented the world’s first and only UL listed commercial solid-state digital circuit breaker. Designed and manufactured in North Carolina, the Atom Power suite of smart electrical products includes a digital circuit breaker, a customizable distribution panel and a personalized software solution that enables complete control and customization of electrical infrastructure for commercial and industrial, electric vehicle and residential applications. By transitioning the traditional circuit breaker from mechanical to digital, Atom Power has introduced the safest and fastest circuit breaker
on the market and enables infrastructure components for smart power distribution and more sustainable energy delivery.

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