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Paul Wiener

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  • Vice President of Strategic Marketing
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Paul Wiener is GaN Systems’ Vice President of Strategic Marketing. Prior to joining GaN Systems, Paul led the power magnetics business unit at Eaton. Paul brings more than 25 years’ experience in operations, sales and marketing, and business development. His experience includes vice president of sales at Fultec Semiconductor Inc. and several management roles at Genoa, BroadLogic, and Raychem. Paul earned his MBA from Golden Gate University and his bachelor’s degree in business from the University of California at Berkeley.

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GaN Power Semiconductors Solving Today’s Global Power Challenges

The demand for a cleaner and healthier global environment with accompanying Government legislation restricting CO2 emissions and promoting renewable energy has clearly shown that sustainability must be more than a footnote in a company’s annual report. Yet, our data- and energy-driven world is leading to historically high-power consumption, due in part to our increased dependance on power-reliant industries including data centers, electric vehicles, renewable energy system, and consumer electronics.

Technology helped create this problem. Now, it’s time for technology – specifically GaN technology – to help solve this problem.

From the humble phone and laptop chargers to the all-important EV powertrain, GaN power systems are solving today’s technical, economic and environmental challenges on both the personal and global level.

During this session, Paul Wiener, VP Strategic Marketing for GaN Systems, will discuss in detail how GaN power systems are playing a key role in changing our relationship with power by enabling the creation of whole new classes of products, systems, and sustainability solutions.

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GaN Systems

GaN Systems is the leader in GaN power semiconductors, addressing energy efficiency and power density in industries including electric vehicles, data centers, and 5G networks, renewable energy systems, and consumer electronics. GaN transistors enable smaller, lower cost, and more efficient power systems designs. Greater energy efficiency means that the amount of electricity production is mitigated, thereby avoiding the scenario of electricity evolving into the world’s major global polluter.


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