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HPC, AI, Chiplets, heterogeneous integration

Mark Fuselier photo

Mark Fuselier

SVP Technology & Product Engineering


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CHIPS National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program (NAPMP) Update

Dan Berger photo

Dan Berger

Associate Director

CHIPS for America R&D Office

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Glass Substrates for Advanced Packaging

Dr. Xavier Lafosse photo

Dr. Xavier Lafosse

Commercial Technology Director, Advanced Optics

Corning Advanced Optics

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Greater Phoenix: Semiconductor Excellence on the Global Stage

Chris Camacho photo

Chris Camacho

President & CEO

Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC)

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Semiconductor Market Outlook: Investment and Innovation Accelerate Next Growth Cycle

Mario Morales photo

Mario Morales

Group VP, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors


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Optimizing Interconnect Density with New Packaging Technologies

Oreste Donzella photo

Oreste Donzella

Executive VP – EPC (Electronics, Packaging, and Component) Group


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A Game-Changer for AI and HPC Substrates: A Novel Interconnect Technology

Rozalia Beica photo

Rozalia Beica

Chief Commercial Officer


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Why Patents Matter

Steven Rizzi photo

Steven Rizzi


McKool Smith

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Silicon Manufacturing and Packaging at MSFT in the Cloud/AI era

Sriram Srinivasan photo

Sriram Srinivasan

Partner Silicon Packaging Technology


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Challenges to enabling the transition from organic to glass core substrates as RDL approaches 2 µm l/s and beyond

Keith Best photo

Keith Best

Director, Product Marketing, Lithography

Onto Innovation

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Advanced Packaging/Substrate Materials and Open innovation Platform

Abe Hidenori photo

Hidenori Abe

Electronics R&D Center GM

Resonac Corporation

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Optimizing Cost and Quality Through Test Mobility Across Insertions

Rick Burns photo

Rick Burns

President Semiconductor Test Division


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Test Challenges in the AI & Chiplet era

Srinivas Chinamilli photo

Srini Chinamalli

Co Founder & CEO


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