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With the slowdown of Moore’s law, Advanced packaging (AP) and heterogeneous integration (HI) has become key and integral to enabling the AI era. As value migrates from wafer fabrication towards packaging, we see a strong inflection point in AP/ HI units’ growth.

Advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration are innovative techniques used in semiconductor technology to enhance the performance, density, and functionality of integrated circuits.

Advanced packaging refers to the diverse set of techniques used to package and interconnect integrated circuits and other components within a single package. These techniques allow for higher performance, reduced form factor, and improved thermal management in electronic devices. Some examples of advanced packaging include 2.5D/3D packaging, fan-out wafer-level packaging, and system in package.

Heterogeneous integration involves combining different semiconductor technologies, such as logic, memory, and sensors, from various sources into a single package. This approach facilitates the creation of more complex and specialized integrated circuits, leading to improved power efficiency, performance, and reduced manufacturing costs.

Both advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration play crucial roles in enabling the development of more powerful and versatile AI electronic devices, and they shall continue to shape the future of semiconductor technology in the foreseeable future.

ASMPT is uniquely positioned to offer total end to end interconnect solution in the highly complicated field of Advanced Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration to our partners, covering the full spectrum of substrate interconnect, wafer laser singulation, 1st level interconnect and 2nd level interconnect.

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Choon Khoon Lim

Senior Vice President; Co-CEO, Semiconductor Solutions Segment

ASMPT Limited

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