The LIVE 3D Digital Twin for the GCC

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ASPEED’s unique and patented image stitching algorithm, integrated on-chip, generates high-quality panoramic images in under 10ms. Besides, VIZZIO create 3D models of cities from aerial to indoor views using 2D satellite images and a patented deep learning AI pipeline, without the need for drones or complex surveying methods. We can model any city worldwide anytime, anywhere. We create real-time LIVE 3D digital twins of any physical place by combining ASPEED’s and VIZZIO’s special technologies.

The integration of these fusion technologies will lead to numerous innovative applications. The application of these technologies can also enhance the efficiency of government services through the provision of accurate information and faster service delivery. For instance, the government will have a comprehensive 3D models of all cities, enabling them to protect citizens more effectively. The affordability of these technologies will facilitate greater accessibility to immersive experiences of the cultures of GCC countries for a larger global audience, and enhance remote education by delivering a more interactive and superior learning experience compared to in-person education. Furthermore, the use of live and immersive real estate tours will provide busy, high net-worth global buyers with the ability to view properties and make informed bids in a streamlined and efficient manner.

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