Piezoelectric MEMS Platform for Sensing and RF Applications

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In the field of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems), material innovation drives MEMS process platform development. Over the past decade, MEMS has experienced remarkable growth and the commercialization of RF MEMS devices, primarily due to advancements in AlN/ScAlN film processes. Therefore, to effectively translate innovations in piezoelectric materials into the development of piezoelectric MEMS devices, it is essential to establish a Piezoelectric MEMS process platform capable of implementing the optimized stack and structure required for specific applications. IME is actively developing in the development of Piezoelectric MEMS process platforms and would like to share our progress. In this presentation, we introduce IME’s MEMS platforms and their associated applications:1. Back cavity platform for ultrasonic ranging and imaging2. Piezoelectric Silicon-on-Nothing platform for dense PMUT array (e.g. microfluidics)3. Thin-film ScAlN platform for RF ME

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