Glass Substrates for Advanced Packaging

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For over 50 years, Corning Advanced Optics has met ever-increasing challenges to help enable semiconductor industry leaders produce smaller and more powerful chips. Corning has continuously invested in R&D to deliver an innovative and diverse set of glass and crystal components and advanced optical sub-assemblies for modern lithography scanners, optical inspection systems, and advanced packaging.

The explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator demand has driven the need for innovative glass-based advanced packaging solutions to enable the most powerful AI systems. Today, Corning’s glass wafer carriers support High-Bandwidth Memory stacking and 2.5D packaging of chiplets on silicon interposers. Looking to future, our unmatched expertise in specialty glasses and years of groundbreaking Through Glass Via research efforts will enable us to deliver future glass substrates for heterogeneous integration, advancing our partnership with industry-leaders.

Dr. Xavier Lafosse photo

Dr. Xavier Lafosse

Commercial Technology Director, Advanced Optics

Corning Advanced Optics

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