Thin Film Solutions for Wide Bang Gap (WBG) Power Devices

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Recently, there has been a big demand for power semiconductors due to latest macroeconomic technology trends like electrification (EVs) and carbon footprint reduction (clean source of energy). Among the available power semiconductors materials, there is a strong interest towards wide bandgap semiconductors (WBG) like silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) in various applications due to their inherent material properties. There are several benefits for wide bandgap materials over traditional Si devices in terms of better electrical & thermal performance, and compactness. Device makers have come up with novel device structures to maximize the benefit out of these materials and reduce the fabrication costs, thereby demanding more rigorous processing capabilities. Thin film deposition is a key element in the value chain of WBG power device fabrication.

As a leading thin film powerhouse, Evatec offers several thin film solutions for this purpose like a.) Ohmic contact (backside & frontside) and Schottky contact formation, b.) frontside protection, c.) thin wafer handling, and d). trench filling. We offer solution using amorphous carbon layers for protection on the frontside surface to withstand high thermal budget during implant activation in silicon carbide devices. Our systems include necessary hardware solutions to handle thin wafers (robot handlers, chuck etc.,) used by several WBG power device makers. In addition, we also offer enhanced solutions to cover the frontside with thin barrier and thick aluminum layers, generally required in devices with high topography to achieve planar surface on power devices.

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Dr. Vinoth Sundaramoorthy

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