EVATEC – Mastering Deposition Technologies from Core to Package

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While deposition of Advanced Functional Materials remains at the core of building up MEMS devices, their combination and integration has become key for gaining traction in today’s applications.

From active piezoelectric sensing or actuating elements to heat dissipation layers, antireflective coatings, EMI shielding or stress compensation – the ultimate challenge is the Integration of Various Technologies into one device or package. Expertise in Material Science and Integration Technologies is what the market expects. Supporting manufacturers with a variety of deposition technologies such as PVD, PECVD and PEALD alongside clever tool concepts (batch, single wafer or inline), our customers benefit from EVATEC’s wide range of Know-How in Semiconductors, Optoelectronics, Advanced Packaging and Photonics.

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Maurus Tschirky

Senior Strategic Marketing Manager


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