Power Semiconductors Trends in eMobility from a Broader Power Electronics Perspective

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The opportunities for WBG Power Semiconductors in automotive applications are recently widely discussed due to the immense growth potential of the new electric vehicle market. With the speed of market adoption, also the full supply chain needs to be developed.

This is not only the case within the semiconductor products supply from material – i.e. SiC epi substrates – to the chip and then to the module. It needs to be setup in the full industry value chain, from power generation via power transmission to the grid and charging infrastructure, then finally to the electric vehicle EV itself. This full industry value chain needs to be then differentiated depending on the final EV applications which have a wide variety of conditions to reflect: The volume driver is EV passenger cars, here already in a spread of technology requirements from high performance cars to standard models with less power needs. It becomes further differentiated, if we go up the EV types, e.g. in its intrinsic mass, from buses and trucks to electric locomotives.

The presentation will give an overview, how from a power electronics system provider view, the new power semiconductor technologies, i.e. SiC, drives the development of the new system concepts along the industry value chain applications due to the technological specific advantages of the new power semiconductor developments.

Dr. Rainer Kaesmaier photo

Dr. Rainer Kaesmaier

Managing Director, Global Product Group Semiconductors

Hitachi Energy Ltd.

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