Semiconductor Market Outlook: Investment and Innovation Accelerate Next Growth Cycle

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The end of last year marked the end of the market correction in the semiconductor industry. IDC will share our latest forecast as we reiterate the market’s key drivers and our expectation of 20% growth this year and double-digit growth in 2025.

IDC expects the semiconductor industry to see a couple of consecutive years of consistent double-digit growth as we continue to see the expansion of compute, AI, Auto, and a long-awaited recovery and replacement cycle that begins in the 2H’24 for PC’s and smartphones as we witness the start of edge-AI. Each of these markets are poised to drive over $100 billion in semiconductors each during our forecast horizon and will complement the total industry size by growing faster than the 5-year CAGR expected for the overall market.

Please join Mr. Morales as he shares his perspective on the semiconductor market and provides some key insights on the key global companies driving the growth including NVIDIA, Qualcomm, TSMC, Intel, AMD, NXP, Samsung, Micron, MediaTek, and others. How will this growth cycle fare for the entire supply chain?

Mario Morales photo

Mario Morales

Group VP, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors


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