Innovating For A Greener Future: The Role Of MEMS Microphones In Driving Sustainable And Energy Efficient Consumer Electronics

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As a globally leading supplier of MEMS microphones, Infineon has been driving audio innovation by enhancing SNR, AOP, and power consumption to pioneer new use-cases such as ANC in TWS and studio-quality audio recording with laptops. As the trend for better audio in communication and recording continues, new requirements have moved into the focus of device manufacturers. Sustainability, including extending the lifespan of products, recycling, and eco-design, is no longer an afterthought but has become a major sales argument. EU authorities are accelerating the trend through regulations and ecodesign labels, with the goal of shifting to a circular economy model and moving away from a linear economy model that consists of producing, consuming, and dumping.

MEMS microphones are particularly vulnerable components requiring external shielding against liquids, dust, light, ultrasound, compressed air, and electromagnetic interference. Through forward integration, our next generation of XENSIV™ MEMS microphones will take care of their own protection, thus lowering integration, testing, and repair costs. At Infineon, we believe that our next generation of XENSIV™ MEMS microphones can contribute to more sustainable and energy-efficient consumer electronics while maintaining superior audio quality.

Dr. Gunar Lorenz photo

Dr. Gunar Lorenz

Sr Director Technical Marketing and Application Engineering for Consumer Sensors

Infineon Technologies AG

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