MIMOS BERHAD Initiatives in Advancing the Semiconductor Industry in Malaysia

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Malaysia’s electrical and electronics (E&E) industry, particularly the semiconductor segment, is a vital contributor to exports but lags in its GDP share (6.85%) due to limited high-value activities. The global E&E industry is poised for 6-8% annual growth until 2030, driven by electric vehicles, renewable energy, AI, and smart devices. Malaysia should establish a visionary plan for the E&E sector, aiming for 2-3x GDP growth in the next two decades. This can be achieved by boosting local content, exploring adjacencies like chip design, and emphasizing value-added activities. To succeed, the focus should be on domestic capacity building in areas like design, R&D, and brand ownership, supported by industrial policies, strategic foreign investments, R&D funding, and institutional support. Coordination and policy interventions are crucial to creating an ecosystem conducive to E&E sector growth. In summary, Malaysia needs a long-term vision for the E&E sector emphasizing local content, value addition, and capacity building, supported by coordinated policies and investments

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Thiagesh K Lingam

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