Electroless Metallization as Alternative Final Finish for Power Semiconductor Devices

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In today’s world with its increasing demand in power semiconductor devices for electrification, e-mobility and enabling the flexible use of green energy it has become more and more imminent that it is not only necessary to involve new semiconductor materials (e.g. SiC, GaN) but also apply alternative manufacturing technologies to maintain the flexibility and reliability on the next generation of power semiconductor devices.

Electroless metallization processes from MKS are part of these alternative technologies for power semiconductor device manufacturing and have been established in the industry over past 10 years with their benefit of providing maskless metallization with higher throughput capability at a reduced Cost of Ownership compared to physical metallization techniques. We present these advantages on an example of an ENEPIG final finish that can be used as the basis for connecting the power semiconductor via wirebonding, soldering or sintering to the outside. The ENEPIG final finish can be obtained by using the Portfolio of MKS Electroless Metallization processes.

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Dr. Stefan Pieper

Global Application Manager


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