Empowering Power Electronics Packaging Through Photonic Debonding

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PulseForge’s cutting-edge photonic debonding solution is spearheading the advancements in the power electronics packaging industry. Leveraging high-intensity light pulses, from sophisticated flash lamps, in conjunction with an ingenious reusable inorganic light absorber layer, our state-of-the-art technology presents exceptional opportunities for lowering processing costs while effectively debonding materials crucial for wafer thinning, RDL build, Fan-out, and substrate transfer.

In this presentation focused on Power MOSFETs packaging, we will delve into the intricacies of our photonic debonding process, demonstrating its ability to overcome traditional debonding method limitations and cost-effectively facilitate the detachment of temporarily bonded wafers from glass carriers. By exploiting broadband light spanning a wide spectrum (200 nm – 1100 nm) with intense pulses reaching up to 45 kW/cm2 over micro-second intervals, the photonic debonding process delivers unmatched efficiency and reliability, showcasing successful debonding of thinned wafers (<100 µm) from glass carriers.

Beyond the captivating results of our Power MOSFETs processing study, we will delve into the intricacies of cost savings afforded by our photonic debonding method. With large area illumination capabilities (75 mm x 150 mm) per flashlamp, the photonic debonding approach exhibits a high-throughput and clean solution, further driving down costs, and encouraging on-shoring of back-end processes.

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Vikram Turkani

Director, Technology Partnerships and Strategic Business Development


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