The Impact of PulseForge’s Photonic Debonding on Temporary Bonding and Debonding Processes

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PulseForge is at the forefront of semiconductor technology innovation. This presentation highlights our flagship photonic debonding (PDB) technology and its transformative impact on Temporary Bonding and Debonding (TB/DB) processes. PDB technology utilizes broadband light (200 nm – 1100 nm) from flashlamps, paired with an engineered light-absorbing layer, to achieve superior results in wafer thinning, Fan-out, and substrate transfer applications.

As TB/DB processes become increasingly prevalent, particularly with high-bandwidth memory chips and other advanced packaging applications, our presentation provides a comprehensive assessment of PDB’s effectiveness with thinned silicon wafers. We also offer a comparative yield analysis of devices as fab-out and post-TBDB processes with photonic debonding. Furthermore, we will emphasize the substantial cost of ownership benefits that PDB offers, demonstrating clear advantages of PDB over traditional debonding processes and making it a compelling choice for semiconductor manufacturers looking to enhance performance and reduce costs.
The PDB features a uniform, large-area illumination (75 mm x 150 mm), ensuring enhanced yield, high throughput, and cost-effectiveness for both wafer-level and panel-level packaging.

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Vikram Turkani

Director, Technology Partnerships and Strategic Business Development


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