Challenges and Opportunities of the Semiconductors Industry in the MENA Region: An Egyptian Perspective

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The semiconductors industry global supply chain is undergoing major transformations due to several recent and current events such as the COVID pandemic, the US-China technology trade war, and the Ukrainian war. As a result, several important dynamics have emerged and may prove highly valuable in enabling countries of the MENA region to put themselves on the map of this industry if such countries manage to act fast and smart. Indeed, the world is moving from a globalization model that has prevailed for decades to a model where manufacturing is more regional and distributed. Many players are starting to establish regional manufacturing facilities in contrast to depending on the Far East and specifically China as the World’s major manufacturer of electronics. This is driven by geopolitical reasons as well as security of supply chain and avoiding its disruption as has been the case in recent years. In addition, one important reason to move manufacturing facilities to regions closer to big markets is to minimize the cost of transportation and its negative impact on the environment. On the design side, many global players are looking for talent around the world to augment their resources and their ability to develop and produce new products in time. Such global companies will establish Offshore Design Centers (ODCs) wherever they find critical mass of talent that they can tap into.

Egypt has made significant strides in developing its semiconductor industry in the last two decades and this has been recognized by the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) by launching a local Chapter of the GSA in Egypt in June 2022. This talk will present the Egyptian semiconductor ecosystem, how this industry emerged in Egypt and its strategy for the future. The talk will also present a holistic approach for accelerating the development of this industry in the whole MENA region in an integrative and collaborative manner.

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Dr. Hisham Haddara

Chairman and Founder

SiWare Systems

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