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Over the past nine months, the AI chip boom has accelerated considerably. High-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips, which are an essential part of AI chips, are undergoing rapid technological advancements. While temporary bonding will still be needed for wafer thinning of HBM3 chips and following generations, production of HBM chips is supposed to shift from thermal compression (TC) bonding to hybrid bonding solutions. TC may still be the preferred option for HBM4, as hybrid bonding is significantly more expensive. However, with HBM5 at the latest, the switch to hybrid bonding is expected to take place due to higher I/O densities. SUSS MicroTec has developed a D2W hybrid bonding solution together with flip-chip bonder specialist SET and also offers W2W hybrid bonding solutions, thus providing the technologies required for the next generations of HBM and AI chips.

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Robert Wanninger

Senior Vice President Business Unit Advanced Backend Solutions

SUSS MicroTec

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