Laser Beam Scanner Projection Displays For Consumer AR Glasses – Key MEMS Design Considerations.

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TriLite has developed the world’s smallest, lightest, and brightest laser beam scanner (LBS) designed for high-volume consumer AR applications, to enable everyone to enjoy augmented vision as lightweight, comfortable, and stylish as the eyewear of today. Our ultra-compact Trixel® 3 optical display engine is <1 cm3 volume and weighs <1.5g. It combines TriLite’s miniature and lightweight laser beam scanner (LBS), all optical components, and a single 2D MEMS mirror. Key to our design philosophy for the Trixel 3 is to use standard components as far as possible – for example, laser diodes, optical components, and specifically, the MEMS mirror. For us, the selection of MEMS must stand out in terms of performance, size, yield, energy consumption and system costs. This ensures that we achieve an LBS scanner for AR that meets consumer challenges and OEM requirements.

Dr. Manuel Dorfmeister photo

Dr. Manuel Dorfmeister

Head of MEMS and e-Software department


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