Innovative Sputtering Technology for Piezo-MEMS and Other Advanced Functional Devices Manufacturing

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Functional devices such as Piezo-MEMS, tunable devices, on-chip capacitors, emerging semiconductor memories and solid-state Li batteries are essential to realize “Smart Society”. “New Materials” especially multi-elements compound oxides such as perovskite ferroelectric materials (PZT, BST, etc.) which can enable these functional devices are gaining greater interests in industry. Meanwhile challenges are arising in processing these new materials into thin films and integrating them into functional device stacks mainly due to difficulties induced by material properties such as dielectric or insulating natures which are different from those of conventional metal or semi-conductive materials. One of the main critical processes to fabricate thin films is sputtering which facing same issues in processing these “New Materials” reliably and reproducibly. ULVAC has been successfully developing sputtering technology solution by innovative RF(Radio-frequency) sputtering technology as well as novel thin-film growth processes for functional devices manufacturing. This talk will provide a brief overview of this technology as well as its usefulness in realizing reliable processing and advanced material and devices properties with using PZT Piezo-MEMS as an example.

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Dr. Koukou Suu

Executive Officer and Senior Fellow of ULVAC, Inc / President and CEO of ULVAC Technologies, Inc

ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

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