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Asif Arfi

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My name is Asif Arfi. I am a Management and Engineering Professional with a Masters in
Engineering and over 25 years of experience in high tech environment running multiple
operational functions across global organizations. Worked in various functions in different roles
developing solutions and tools that result in streamlining complex organizational needs into
successful solutions. Have worked with cross functional teams globally and managed the life
cycle of semiconductor products from conception to completion, managed vendor- partner
relationships, drove long term revenue and business strategy. Worked in high tech companies
like Micron, Infineon, Spansion (AMD spinoff), Freescale, NXP, Verisilicon and in consulting.
These companies range from memory to mixed signal to Service provider and IP solutions. Over
the duration of my work in semiconductor industry, I have built leadership, management,
technical expertise, and industry relationships.

Outside of work I like to cook, travel, and play sports sometimes. My cooking includes various
cuisines from Indian curry to Chinese rice and Italian pasta. My kids love my cooking and my
wife, I guess likes it too.

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The invisible semiconductor war has led to a change in semiconductor supply chain of global proportions and has led to a frenzy of fabs mushrooming around the globe. US, Europe, Taiwan, India, Japan, Korea and others are investing in fabs to become independent. Numerous amounts of fab capacity will be added globally in the next few years. However, no design ecosystem is being added to fulfill the semiconductor capacity of tomorrow.

This presentation specifically outlines, the need to create a design ecosystem in the region bringing semiconductor excellence and close the gap between fab capacities and design of new products to utilize the capacity, nourish the fabs of tomorrow and keep them fully fed. The devices and systems need to be designed with cutting edge technologies and simultaneous consideration of the semiconductor supply chain. Accelerating the next and future generations of semiconductor products will impact all aspects of modern life. The semiconductor excellence in the region will drive design and deployment of new semiconductor products through the development of design ecosystem and engaging the full spectrum of talent in the academic community. The goal is to cultivate a broad coalition of training in semiconductor design across engineering communities to utilize a co-design approach including education and training, to enable rapid progress in regional semiconductor excellence.

Details regarding Design ecosystem creation with support from industry experts and training of locals on actual projects and return of investment in 2 to 3 years with plans to double the investment and positive ROI. Your support is vital in bringing semiconductor excellence to the region.

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Banyan Technologies

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