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Opening Address

Lucilla Sioli photo

Lucilla Sioli

Director Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry

EU Commission

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The European Chips Act. A Framework for Revitalizing the European Semiconductor Ecosystem

Dr. Thomas Morgenstern photo

Dr. Thomas Morgenstern

EVP Frontend IFAG FE

Infineon Technologies AG

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Volkswagen Group – Power Electronics In-House Development

Alexander Krick photo

Alexander Krick

EVP Technical Development

Volkswagen Group Components

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Innovative Traction Drives with SiC Semiconductors

Dr. Ladislav Sobotka photo

Dr. Ladislav Sobotka

Engineering and R&D Director

Skoda Electric

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Partnership as a Foundation for Decarbonization

Vishnu Kumaresan​, Ph.D logo

Vishnu Kumaresan​, Ph.D

Semiconductor Business Specialist & Segment Leader

Volvo Group

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Business Benefits Of SmartSiC™: Unrivaled Technology For Sic In Automotive

Ph.D. Emmanuel Sabonnadière photo

Ph.D. Emmanuel Sabonnadière

VP Division Automotive & Industrial


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Process Control Trends for WBG Power Devices

Oreste Donzella photo

Oreste Donzella

Executive VP – EPC (Electronics, Packaging, and Component) Group


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The Role of Extrinsic (Early Life) Failures and Stabilization Stress and Burn-In During the Production of Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride Power Semiconductors

Gayn Erickson photo

Gayn Erickson

President & CEO

Aehr Test Systems

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Risk and Challenges With Capacity Investments & Supply Chain Resiliency

Ralf Bornefeld photo

Ralf Bornefeld

SVP Power Semiconductors & Modules


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How Laser is Enabling The Power Semiconductor Roadmap

Jeroen van Borkulo photo

Jeroen van Borkulo

Head of Business & Marketing

ASMPT Limited

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Intrinsic Reliability and Product Qualification Testing in GaN Power Semiconductors Do One the Other or Both?

Roland Shaw photo

Roland Shaw

President of Accel-RF

STAr Technologies

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Addressing Testing Challenges for Power Modules and Three-Level Inverters

Elia Petrogalli photo

Elia Petrogalli

Sales Manager Semi & MEMS Business Unit


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Meeting Challenges in Power Device Fabrication with Advanced Metrology and Inspection

Dr. Vamsi Velidandla photo

Dr. Vamsi Velidandla

Senior Director, Product Management

Onto Innovation

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Enabling Solutions For Advanced Power Device Fabrication

Dr. Anna Battaglia photo

Dr. Anna Battaglia

Technology Manager

Lam Research Corporation

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Electroless Metallization as Alternative Final Finish for Power Semiconductor Devices

Dr. Christian Ohde photo

Dr. Christian Ohde

Global Product Director SC/FEC


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Customized Silicon and SOI Wafers Enabling Enhanced Power Devices

Dr. Atte Haapalinna photo

Dr. Atte Haapalinna


Okmetic Oy

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TEL: Moving Into the MAGIC Era of Semiconductors

Neil Armstrong photo

Neil Armstrong

Director Sales Development

Tokyo Electron

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Thin Film Solutions for Wide Bang Gap (WBG) Power Devices

Dr. Vinoth Sundaramoorthy photo

Dr. Vinoth Sundaramoorthy

Product Marketing Manager


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Empowering Power Electronics Packaging Through Photonic Debonding

Vikram Turkani photo

Vikram Turkani

Director, Technology Partnerships and Strategic Business Development


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The EDA breakthrough solution for SiC and GaN Front-End and Back-End

Luca Lillacci photo

Luca Lillacci

General Manager

EDA Industries

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SiC / IGBT Power Module Assembly & Test Equipment Solutions

Michael Koelbl photo

Michael Koelbl

General Manager Pentamaster Automation Germany GmbH


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Total Solution of Process Kits to Enabling an Efficient Supply Chain in FAB

Jimmy Tao photo

Jimmy Tao

Marketing Director


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Future of SiC Power Modules in Automotive and Industrial Applications

Claus A Petersen photo

Claus A Petersen


Semikron Danfoss

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