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Bridging Front End, Packaging And Substrates To Advance The Semiconductor Roadmap

For over 50 years, Moore’s Law has defined the pace of the semiconductor industry with its ability to scale transistor density every 2 years. While the front end roadmap is still progressing thanks to EUV lithography and other process technology innovations, it’s no longer sufficient to keep pace with the diversified demand of the new digital society.

In recent years, we have seen an acceleration of technical innovations in IC packaging and IC substrates to complement front end wafer fabrication technologies and meet performance, power, and cost requirements.

The implementation of heterogeneous integration started long ago with the first multi-chip modules and 2D packages and is now accelerating with several new 2.5 and 3D architectures serving various end-applications, including high-performance computing, mobile, and networking, among others.

With interconnect geometry scaling, we see the need and the opportunity to bridge process equipment and process control methodologies across the three worlds of front-end, packaging and substrates. These once completely separated domains are becoming integrated just like the packages and systems they create.

The adoption of front end-like technologies and methodologies into packaging and IC substrates is not trivial and it requires innovation and customization to meet cost and performance requirements.

KLA is partnering with key industry players to bridge these three worlds and this presentation will show the challenges we are facing and problems we are solving to advance the semiconductor technology roadmap.

Keywords: Innovation, Advanced Packaging, Technology Roadmap, Heterogeneous Integration, Substrates

Oreste Donzella photo

Oreste Donzella

Executive VP – EPC (Electronics, Packaging, and Component) Group