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New Challenges for MEMS and Sensor Packaging

MEMS and sensor devices continue to enable new and exciting functionalities and applications across all market segments – automotive, industrial, communications, consumer and computing. These new functions and applications come with a new set of challenges.

The creation and use of standard packaging platforms have pushed rapid commercialization of MEMS and Sensor devices. It fueled the next evolution, from a discrete single MEMS/sensor towards sensor fusion (multi-MEMS/sensor packages) which created more opportunities and applications.

As the market continues to grow, and applications continue to become more complex, the traditional package size reduction on the X, Y, Z axes are being replaced by the need to do more integration such as reducing the PCB module to a surface mountable SIP package. The need for heterogeneous integration (HI) becomes an essential part of the new standard MEMS and sensor package platforms. Increase complexities require advanced packaging technologies and final test, as well as a closer collaboration between the different stakeholders in the MEMS and sensor ecosystem.

Adrian Arcedera photo

Adrian Arcedera

SVP Memory, MEMS and Sensor Business Unit

Amkor Technology, Inc.