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REALITY Twin vs. Digital Twin: Revolutionizing Industrial Remote Management

The perfect image for vision AI closely mimics the human visual system, offering a non-distorted panoramic view. Unlike conventional camera images with many limitations, Cupola360 technology not only provides immersive experiences but also delivers the most AI-friendly images in real-time, 24/7, continuously enhancing AI accuracy and efficiency. This capability unlocks a multitude of possibilities for AI-driven applications.

Imagine immersing yourself in crucial moments missed, whether uncovering breakthroughs at factory crime scenes or capturing the essence of concert performances. This isn’t just a concept from science fiction; it’s a game-changer with practical applications across manufacturing sectors. Recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as the world’s first AI server Lighthouse Factory, the facility covered in the presentation demonstrates the effective integration of Cupola360 technology, signifying a significant milestone in validating its efficacy within the manufacturing domain, elevating beyond conventional IP CAMs and SCADA systems.

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CJ Hsieh