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Founded in 2021, Chiplite® develops central computing platforms by utilizing original chiplet technology and general purpose NPU that accelerate cockpit-driving fusion and empower future mobility. Focusing on the inevitable trend of smart vehicle E/E architecture towards cross-domain fusion and central computing platforms, Chiplite is committed to providing flexible scalability and customization of computing performance at high cost efficiency through our platform chips. Chiplite pioneers an original Chiplet interconnect technology that provides a high-bandwidth and low-latency die-to-die interconnect bus. Combined with an innovative chip platform architecture, Chiplite is able to leverage semiconductor manufacturing and packaging technologies to break through the dependence on advanced processes. Simultaneously, Chiplite applies common AI arithmetic cores, efficient toolchains, and reliable software architectures to gratify customers’ fast-shifting and differentiated needs, spanning from the intelligent cockpit to the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD). Chiplite’s chip platforms are able to maximize the value of our customer and ecosystem partners while lowering the barrier for developing thier products and services.

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