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Deca was born of a passion to transform the way the world builds advanced electronic devices. In our first decade, our 10X thinking brought to life exciting breakthroughs with M-Series™ and Adaptive Patterning®.

Our flagship M-Series is a fully encapsulated wafer & panel-level fan-out technology which provides an ideal structure for single & multi-die packaging, chiplet integration, 3D PoP and embedded die interposers. M-Series is delivering exceptional quality and reliability for leading Smartphone manufacturers around the globe with shipment volumes exceeding one billion units per year.

Deca’s Adaptive Patterning technology compensates for natural variation in embedded die structures without costly processes or design limitations. After high-speed optical measurement, Adaptive Patterning generates a bespoke and optimized layout which is precisely aligned to each device.

The power of Adaptive Patterning is realized through Adaptive Patterning Design Kits (APDKs) with provide integrated design templates, tech files, stack-ups, DRC decks, and AP Studio software.

As a pure-play technology development, transfer and licensing company, Deca is the leading independent provider of advanced packaging technology in the semiconductor industry.

Our world class investors, including Infineon, Qualcomm, ASE, nepes and SunPower provide Deca with a strong foundation for continuing innovation and growth.

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