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Global Semiconductor Microelectronics, Inc. provides seamless semiconductor manufacturing solutions. Founded in 2021 by a select group of Silicon Valley’s semiconductor veterans and visionaries with the focus on cutting-edge technology for next-gen applications and cost-effective manufacturing solution for SoC designs at advanced process nodes.

GSME is a global provider of customizable silicon design, complete manufacturing operations, and comprehensive quality services for IC design companies developing complex high-volume ASICs and SoCs. The company services high-end GPUs, specialized CPUs, low power FPGAs, solid-state LiDAR, LP-IoT, and a variety of wireless product technologies. provides an end-to-end tape-out flow, package design, test hardware/program development, & product qualification, factoring faster time to market for products.

GSME works on industry’s one of a kind flat fee-based service model with no markup on any third-party cost.

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