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Axera is a high-tech semiconductor company focused on developing world class Artificial Intelligence (AI) SoCs for computer vision applications. Leveraging its vast number of combined years of chip design experience, and powered by its AI algorithm know-hows, Axera adopts an innovative approach to produce highly energy efficient chips with superior AI inference capabilities. These chips are particularly suitable for today’s AIoT applications, such as smart cities, smart transportation, smart manufacturing and smart homes. They can be used to facilitate the extension of AI intelligence from the cloud to the edge and further to the end devices, with the goal to convenience people’s life and make our society a better and safer place.

Each member of the core Axera team has more than 15 years of experience in chip development and production. Since its establishment in May 2019, Axera has grown to be a strong and full function team, capable of developing advanced SoCs with highly complex functionalities and the best power efficiency. Axera’s first high-end AI SoC was successfully taped out to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in barely nine months after its conception, a strong testament to the team’s capability to deliver.

Since day one, Axera has committed to the vision of Power the Society with AI. Designing world class AI chips is the company’s calling to create a better and more intelligent future.





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