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Company Profile

China Fortune-Tech Capital Co., Ltd. (“CFTC”) was found in February 2014 in Shanghai, China. The company was incorporated by SMIC, mainland China’s most advanced pure play semiconductor foundry, and a senior investment team along with other shareholders.

CFTC’s investments focus on IC industry including semiconductor materials and electronic materials, IC design, equipment, IP, services and tools. Its investment philosophy emphases on professional, international and industrial Chain-focusing.

Our core team consist IC and Telecommunication industry entrepreneurs with more than 20-year experiences in enterprise management and investment. Besides the strong supports from the shareholders, CFTC invites the most active and prestigious experts, who come from IC leading company, IC industry association and financial institutions to form an advisor board.

In the past years, CFTC has accomplished to form 7 funds and invested to more than 30 projects. In July 2016, CFTC succeeded to setup a 2.2 billion RMB fund, which was founded by the China National IC Fund, SMIC and a financial institution. By now, the fund scale under CFTC’s management has exceeded 3 billion RMB.

CFTC commits relentless efforts, with its all-in specialized experiences and industry resources, to create excellent values for investors, portfolio companies and the society.

中芯聚源股权投资管理(上海)有限公司(简称”聚源资本”,China Fortune-Tech Capital Co., Ltd)在上海市注册成立,公司由国内集成电路产业龙头企业和一支资深投资团队发起,联合其他股东共同设立。




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