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Company Profile

Being subordinate to China Resources Group, China Resources Microelectronics Limited is a high-tech enterprise engaged in investment, development, operation and management of microelectronics business. The Company always takes “revitalizing microelectronics industry” as our mission and has successively integrated some Chinese semiconductor pioneering companies such as Huake Electronics, China Huajing and CSNC Technology. After several years’ development and a series of integration, the Company has become a comprehensive semiconductor enterprise with great influence in China. Since 2004, it has been continuously rated as top 100 Chinese electronic information enterprises by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Based on the statistical data of China Semiconductor Industry Association, in terms of sales amount, the Company was the only semiconductor enterprise with the mainbusiness in IDM mode among top 10 Chinese semiconductor enterprises in 2018.

The Company is a Chinese leading semiconductor enterprise capable of integrated operation of the whole industrial chain such as IC design, wafer manufacturing, package test and so on. At present, our main business can be divided into two business sectors, which are products & solutions, manufacturing & service. The Company can independently design products and keep the manufacturing process controllable. In addition, the Company has possessed strong capability in product technology and manufacturing process in the fields of discrete devices and integrated circuits and has formed advanced product lines with special process and seriation.

The Company focuses on the fields of power semiconductors and intelligent sensors, and we provide customers with serialized semiconductor products and services. In future,the Company will take its own core advantages,improve the core technologies and integrate the internal and external resources, so as to continuously promote the enterprise development, further transform ourself to a comprehensive and integrated product company, solutions on power semiconductors and to be the global leader in power semiconductor and intelligent sensor.

有重要影响力的综合性半导体企业,自2004年起连续被工信部评为中国电子信息百强企业。据中国半导体行业协会统计的数据,以销售额计,公司是2018 年前十大中国半导体企业中唯一一家以 IDM 模式为主运营的半导体企业。




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