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China Wafer Level CSP Co., Ltd. (SSE: 603005) was founded in Suzhou in 2005 with a vision on developing innovative technologies and assisting its customers in implementing high-volume manufacturing of reliable, miniaturized, high-performance and cost-effective semiconductor packages. China Wafer Level CSP’s CMOS Image Sensor Chip-Scale Package technology revolutionized the packaging world, helping make the high-performance, miniaturized mobile camera modules of today possible. The value of this approach has allowed it to become one of the most widely proliferated packaging technologies in history, finding use with nearly 50% of today’s image sensor chips, and with a wide range of semiconductor devices that are ubiquitous in smartphones, tablets, wearables and other electronics. This focus on technology innovation continues today at China Wafer Level CSP and through our Optiz Inc. subsidiary located in Palo Alto, CA.

For almost ten years, China Wafer Level CSP has been a leader in innovating, developing technology and manufacturing. As the company has grown and evolved, we’ve expanded our business through 1) the acquisition of Optiz Inc., a leader in image sensor camera miniaturization enhancement and analysis; and 2) assets of Gerad Technologies, an innovator in next-generation semiconductor packaging technologies.

China Wafer Level CSP’s mission is to create and develop semiconductor, interconnect and imaging technologies to deliver value to our customers, partners, employees and stockholders.

China Wafer Level CSP’s global footprint of 2000 employees includes ~400+ engineers and scientists, of whom over 50% hold advanced degrees.

2005年6月, 苏州晶方半导体科技股份有限公司(SSE:603005)成立于苏州,是一家致力于开发与创新新技术,为客户提供可靠的,小型化,高性能和高性价比的半导体封装量产服务商。晶方科技的CMOS影像传感器晶圆级封装技术,彻底改变了封装的世界,使高性能,小型化的手机相机模块成为可能。这一价值已经使之成为有史以来应用最广泛的封装技术,现今已有近50%的影像传感器芯片可使用此技术,大量应用于智能电话,平板电脑,可穿戴电子等各类电子产品。公司及子公司 Optiz Inc.(位于Palo Alto,加州)将持续专注于技术创新。

近十年来,晶方科技已经成为技术开发与创新、提供优质量产服务的领导者。随着公司不断发展壮大,公司1)设立美国子公司Optiz Inc.,是在影像传感器微型化的增强与分析领域的领导者; 2) 购买智瑞达资产,是新一代半导体封装技术的创新者。

晶方科技的使命是创新和发展半导体的互连和成像技术,为我们的客户、 合作伙伴、 员工和股东创造价值。

晶方科技全球员工将近2000人, 工程师和科学家大约400人,其中超过50%拥有高等学位。

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