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Shenzhen Founder Microelectronics International Co.Ltd (FMIC) was founded in Dec 2003 by Peking University Founder Group and other investors. FMIC dedicates to promoting the industrialization of power management IC and new power electronic devices aiming at becoming the leader in domestic power discrete device and integrated circuit industry.

FMIC has two 6 inch production lines with capacity of 50,000 pcs/month.

FMIC adopts wafer foundry mode offering customers power discrete devices(DMOS, IGBT, SBD 和 FRD), power IC (BiCMOS, BCD和 HV CMOS) and other wafer manufacturing technologies.

FMIC makes great efforts to establish open research and development system not only developing independently but also cooperating with well-known enterprises ,universities and research institutes home and abroad on technology development, which rapidly improves the semiconductor manufacturing technology of FMIC. In 2012 FMIC and Academician Chen Xingbi jointly established “FMIC Power Devices and Power IC Acadmician Work Site ” having the leading position in power electronics filed.

FMIC actively implements the business internationalization strategy establishing stable partnership with IDM and Fabless design houses from houses from Japan Korea HK ,and Taiwan and gradually penetrating into Euro and U.S Markets.

FMIC will sustainably focus on the demand for power semiconductor market by smart phone, tablet PC, frequency conversion household appliance, LED Lighting, new energy automobile and other emerging field, and provide high value-added product.



方正微电子秉持晶圆代工经营模式,专注于为客户提供功率分立器件(如DMOS、IGBT、SBD和FRD)和功率集成电路(如BiCMOS、BCD和HV CMOS)等领域的晶圆制造技术。




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