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  • Professor, The Institute of Microelectronics

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Fudan University was established in 1905 as Fudan Public School. It was the first institution of higher education to be founded by a Chinese person. The two characters, fù (“return”) and dàn (“dawn”) were borrowed from A Commentary on The Classic of History, of which the part on the Yu and the Xia dynasties mentions: “Brilliant are the sunshine and moonlight, again the morning radiance returns at dawn.” In 1917, the institution was renamed Fudan University, which has been kept ever since. The Institute of Microelectronics(IME)was established in April 2013.It was originated from the major of semiconductor physics. The college has made talent training and scientific research innovation in the fields of SoC design, computer-aided design, new semiconductor process and technology, new device structures, new device materials, MEMS and so on.

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