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Company Profile

GigaDevice, founded in Silicon Valley in 2005, is a leading fabless company engaged in advanced memory technology and IC solutions. The company has successfully completed the IPO at Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2016. GigaDevice provides a wide range of high performance Flash memory and 32-bit general-purpose MCU products. GigaDevice is among the companies that pioneered SPI NOR Flash memory and is currently ranked number three in the world in this market segment with more than 1 billion units shipped every year.

Since 2007, GigaDevice has filed 600+ patent applications with 200+ patents granted. More than 55% of its employees are in research and development, which continues to differentiate our products from competitions in the market. The GigaDevice management team embodies leading semiconductor industry experience from renowned memory companies in California’s Silicon Valley, Korea, and Taiwan. GigaDevice is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified by DQS.

GigaDevice currently produces a wide range of SPI NOR Flash, SPI NAND Flash, and MCU for use in embedded, consumer, and mobile communications applications. GigaDevice operates a manufacturing model based on strong relationships with: foundry, assembly, and test subcontractor partners. GigaDevice believes this well-defined fabless manufacturing model provides us with a competitive advantage over the conventional fabrication-based Integrated Device Manufacturers because the capital equipment expenditure to maintain advanced memory process technologies is beyond the market return of many IC memory market segments. The consistent investment in advanced equipment by our foundry partners and their rapid growth in 12” wafer capacity are key factors in our success over our competitors.



公司的核心产品线为FLASH、32位通用型 MCU及智能人机交互传感器芯片及整体解决方案,公司产品以“高性能、低功耗”著称,为工业、汽车、计算、消费类电子、物联网、移动应用以及网络和电信行业的客户提供全方位服务。在中国市场,我们的SPI NOR FLASH®市场占有率为第一,同时也是全球排名前三的供应商之一,累计出货量超130亿颗,年出货量超28亿颗;我们的MCU作为中国32位通用MCU领域的主流产品,以24个系列350余款产品选择,覆盖率稳居市场前列,并且累计出货量已超过4亿颗。我们的触控和指纹识别芯片广泛应用在国内外知名移动终端厂商,是国内仅有的两家的可量产供货的光学指纹芯片供应商。

公司在质量管理方面有严格的标准与要求,已获得ISO 9001、ISO 14001等国际质量体系认证,同时积极推进产业整合,拓展战略布局,在已有的微控制器、存储器基础上,布局物联网领域人机交互技术,并与全球多家领先晶圆厂、封装测试厂达成战略合作伙伴关系,通过加强产业上下游合作、优化供应链管理,共同推进半导体领域的技术创新。

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