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GSR MICROELECTRONICS CO.,LTD., Ltd. is committed to developing high-performance, low-power RF front-end integrated chip, millimeter wave RF integrated circuit and optimized RF system solutions. The core team comes from the top ten chip design companies in the world, with master’s degree or doctor’s degree. They are all senior experts and excellent talents in RF front-end integrated circuit industry, with years of experience in R & D, project management, production and operation, and marketing. They are familiar with and master various world leading process technology applications. The R & D team of Sanwu Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has the cutting-edge technology development ability, can be converted into competitive products in the market, and can create value for the industry and customers. The company team started from 5g RF front-end switch, built 5g WiFi RF front-end module, and finally entered 5g mobile RF front-end PA.

晋江三伍微电子有限公司致力于研发高性能、低功耗的射频前端集成芯片及毫米波射频集成电路和最优化的射频系统解决方案。 核心团队来自全球前十的芯片设计公司,拥有硕士或博士学历,他们都是射频前端集成电路行业内的资深专家及优秀人才,具备多年研发、项目管理、生产运营、市场营销经验;熟悉并掌握各种世界领先的工艺技术应用。 三伍微电子有限公司研发团队拥有前沿的技术开发能力,能转换成市场有竞争力的产品,能为行业和客户创造价值。公司团队从5G射频前端开关
出发,打造5G WIFI射频前端模组,最终进入5G手机射频前端PA。

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