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Sinomags was established in the year of 2013. It is a magnetic sensor producer based on TMR (Tunnel Magnetic Resistance) technique. At present,Sinomags has four subsidiaries: Wuxi Lertech, Ningbo Sinomags, Bengbu Sinomags and LERTECH of Portugal. The company owns a group of R&D more than 100 people, with Returnees of Thousand Talents and scholars as core members, covering multi areas from MEMS, chip design, circuit design to magnetic circuit design, etc. Simomags highly respects Technique innovation, having 100 percent ownership of its product series, including Current Sensor, Magnetic Detection Sensors, Thickness Detection Sensors, Magnetic Image detection sensor, Magnetic Encoder, Magnetic Angle Sensor, Magnetic Rotation Sensor, widely used in diversified application , like measuring electrical parameters, non destructive inspection, Financial anti-counterfeiting, Biomedical and angledisplacement detection. Today, Sinomags holds over 200 patents at home and abroad. Simomags is also a qualified supplier approved by IATF 16949, ISO90001 systems. Armed with the knowing well of xMR core technique consistent spirit of pioneering, Simomags is providing more competitive solutions for industries of New Energy, Industrial 4.0, Smart Grid , EV , IOT.




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