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It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in power management solutions and power management IC product design, with a total staff of 50, of which R & D technicians account for more than 60%. In 2003, Shanghai belling advanced manufacturing and overseas returnees team incubated and established the power management product line. In November 2007, the company was officially established, with Shanghai Beiling holding 70% and the team holding 30%. In 2020, the sales volume will exceed 150 million yuan.

专业的电源管理解决方案和电源管理IC产品设计的高新技术企业, 总员工人数50人,其中研发技术人员占比超过60%。2003年上海贝岭先进制造和海归团队孵化成立的电源管理产品线。2007年11月公司正式成立,上海贝岭持股70%,团队持股30%。2020年销售额超过1.5亿元。

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