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In order to focus on professional wafer foundry service and clarify industry positioning, Powerchip Group completed corporate restructuring in May 2019. Powerchip Technology has transferred three 12-inch wafer fabs and related business and assets to Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (PSMC).

PSMC owns two 8-inch and three 12-inch wafer fabs with 6,900 employees . The company’s aims are the three main foundry services of advanced memories: customized logic, integrated circuits, and discrete components. The purpose is to continue the Open Foundry operation model. From chip design and manufacturing service to equipment and production capacity sharing, the company establishes a close and flexible cooperation with customers according to their different attributes and demands.

With the persistence of advanced technology, strict quality control, and high effective production, PSMC continues to promote international cooperation, bring cutting-edge technology, develop independent technology, and expand the market steadily. It is committed to providing professional foundry service to create a win-win situation with customers by accumulating competitive advantages in the fast-changing high-tech industry and becoming a steadily profitable world-class semiconductor company.

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