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Taiwan International Semiconductor Executive Summit

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  • Director, CPOD & LFTD
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Company Profile

Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI), the world’s leading OSAT, was founded in 1997. We serve the international customers with services including chip bumping, chip probing, IC assembly, final testing, burn in, and system level assembly. In 2017 PTI expanded the production base to Japan to serve the local automotive electronics and IoT market. And in 2018, PTI began the construction of the newest Fan Out Panel Level Package manufacturing facility in Hsinchu Science Park.

PTI has over 18,000 employees world wide, and manufacturing facility located in Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Japan. PTI dedicates her efforts in developing advanced technologies, while carrying on as the world’s leading memory packaging and testing solution provider. Through strategic alliances and resource integration, PTI group relentlessly marches onward in the semiconductor packaging and testing field.

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