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MEMS World Summit China

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  • Managing Director, Rena China 总经理 瑞耐中国
MEMS World Summit EU

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  • Sales Director
  • VP Sales / Marketing / Product Management

Company Profile

At our headquarters in Gütenbach in the Black Forest and at our subsidiaries in Berg near Nürnberg and Freiburg im Breisgau, we work side by side with our customers and in close partnership with leading research institutes to develop ideas for machines and processes used in wet chemical surface treatment.

The outstanding quality of our products and their official “Made in Germany” seal make our machines and systems highly valued all around the world. Customers from the solar, semiconductor, and medtech industries are placing their trust in our systems to manufacture products at a consistently excellent level of quality. Through our global sales and service network, we make sure we are on hand locally where our customers need us so that we can respond quickly.



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