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  • Senior Director, Backend R&D
  • ASIC Deputy Director and Sales Director
  • Product Manager

Company Profile

Founded in August 2008, headquartered in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai China, Senodia Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a leading MEMS chip supplier in China that specialized in motion sensors such as commercial grade MEMS gyroscope, industrial grade gyroscope, IMU, magnetometer and other types of MEMS sensors. As a fabless, Senodia has fully-owned intellectual property of our products. Senodia focuses on designing and manufacturing low cost, low power consumption, high performance and small-sized MEMS devices. Senodia also commits to providing customers with different kinds of combo solutions and outstanding services.

Senodia built the first large-scale MEMS gyroscope testing facility in China in order to meet the needs of fast-growing emerging consumer electronics market. Senodia also set up complete sales channels and strong technical team to support, providing customers with advanced products, perfect solutions and longlasting high-quality service.



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