SHANGHAI IC R&D CENTER 上海集成电路研发中心有限公司

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Company Profile

Shanghai Integrated Circuit R&D Center Co., Ltd. ( ICRD ) was established in 2002. It is a state-level integrated circuit R&D center supported by the state to establish and cooperate with production, education and research. ICRD was formed by the joint investment of China’s integrated circuit-related enterprise groups and universities. It is an independent public R&D institution open to integrated circuit companies, universities and research institutes in the whole industry.

The Shanghai Integrated Circuit R&D Center focuses on mainstream integrated circuit technology routes, and is committed to solving major common technology research and development and service support issues. The main functions of ICRD include: providing integrated circuit companies and R&D units with advanced device and process technology preliminary research and development and product-level verification; providing integrated circuit equipment and materials with development to online verification and process support; providing knowledge for integrated circuit production line upgrades Transfer of property rights and technology; provide special technology and share IP core services for design companies to develop chips ; provide enterprises and universities with a training base for training integrated circuit professional and technical personnel and high-skilled personnel.

The Shanghai Integrated Circuit R&D Center is located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, adjacent to Huali Microelectronics and SMIC. ICRD has the most advanced 12 -inch open integrated circuit advanced technology research and development and equipment material test platform in China, with a purification area of more than 3000 square meters. The research and development environment and management system are fully matched with the large production line, which can realize the contamination-free in and out of silicon wafers and processes The processes are seamlessly connected, speeding up the speed of technology research and development and verification. ICRD has immersed 193nm lithography machine,
silicon etching machine, atomic layer thin film growth ( ALD ), high-energy ion implanter, and a full set of advanced process equipment such as copper interconnection and Low-K . The process research and development capability can reach below 14 nanometers.

The Shanghai Integrated Circuit R&D Center has an international research team, and has cultivated and trained a R&D team with process technology improvement capabilities through domestic and foreign industrial cooperation. ICRD has mastered the process technology and intellectual property rights of multiple technology generations; through the establishment of industry common technology research and development projects, joint research and development of FinFET devices and processes, nanowire transistors below 5nm and other new devices and process technologies; development of industry-university-research cooperation, research and development Cutting-edge technologies and products such as transistor-level 3D stacking and quantum dot sensors. At the same time, ICRD has established the best integrated circuit talent training base in China through continuous improvement of equipment and facilities and strengthening international cooperation, which is open to the entire industry and universities.

The Shanghai Integrated Circuit R&D Center is also actively exploring the path to internationalization and continuously enhancing its international influence. In addition to co-establishing global talent training centers with multinational companies such as ASML , ICRD has also established advanced technology research and development joint laboratories in cooperation with IMEC , ASML-Brion , Synopsys , Applied Materials, Panlin and other multinational companies, and established joint laboratories with internationally renowned universities. There are ongoing joint research projects.







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