Americo Lemos is the CEO of IQE plc, the leading global supplier of advanced epitaxial wafers and material solutions. A seasoned leader with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry, Americo joined IQE from GlobalFoundries, where he served as the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Asia Pacific and China Country President. In this role, he was instrumental in enhancing business efficiency and driving growth in these markets.

Prior to his tenure at GlobalFoundries, Americo was the Senior Vice President at Qualcomm, overseeing its data center business. His career also includes a significant role as Vice President of Platform Engineering at Intel, where he managed strategic ventures with China-based semiconductor companies. Additionally, he has held leadership positions at Texas Instruments, Quanta Computer in Taiwan, and Skyworks.

Americo holds a Master of Sciences in Electronics and Computers from École Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie (ENSSAT) in Lannion, France

Company Profile


IQE is the leading supplier of compound semiconductor wafer products and advanced material solutions to the global semiconductor industry that enable a diverse range of applications across mobile handsets, global telecoms infrastructure, smart connected devices, electric vehicles, infrared and sensing applications.