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Dan Berger

Associate Director
CHIPS for America R&D Office


Dan Berger has had his hand in Packaging Development for the last 36 years. After Dan graduated from Purdue in 1988 he joined IBM in East Fishkill New York where he worked until the Microelectronics division was sold to GlobalFoundries in 2015. He continued there until 2022. During that lengthy tenure Dan held numerous management and executive roles in advanced packaging including major transitions such as ceramic to organic substrates, leaded to lead free bumping, single chip modules to multichip modules, Multi-chip modules to 2.5D and 3D stacking solutions, and must recently silicon photonics co-packaged optics. Dan briefly founded a consulting company in advanced packaging in 2023 before receiving the call to join the Chips for America program in NIST as Associated Director of the NAPMP. Dan took on that roll in December of 2023.

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