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Dr. Amr Hafez

General Manager, Goodix Egypt
Goodix Technology


Dr. Hafez is an international semiconductor expert with experience spanning multiple domains and geographies. He has founded and is currently the General Manager of Goodix’s design center in Egypt, leading a multidisciplinary team in working across sites, delivering complex SoCs for the mobile market. Prior to that, he led the ASIC Solutions business unit of Si-Ware Systems, a pioneer in the vibrant Egyptian semiconductor landscape. During that time he led his team in delivering cutting edge products to customers and partners in the US, Europe, China and the Gulf. Prior to Si-Ware, Mr. Hafez was an RFIC leader at PMC-Sierra and Blackberry in Canada.

Mr. Hafez holds a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo, Canada, has published several patents and technical papers and teaches analog and RF circuit design at Cairo University.

Company Profile

Goodix Technology

Goodix Technology (603160.SH) is an integrated solution provider for applications based on IC design and software development. We provide industry-leading software and hardware semiconductor solutions for smart devices, IoT applications, and automotive electronics. Our commitment to being global leaders in our markets is demonstrated by acquiring the best talents around the world and aggressively investing in R&D. We are dedicated to breaking through boundaries of technological innovation within sensing, processing, connectivity and security, empowering a connected, intelligent world. Striving to become a world-leading comprehensive IC design company, we are committed to deliver greater unique values to global customers, partners, and enrich the smart lives of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.