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Dr. Mark Wang

GMEMS Technologies, Inc


Dr. Mark Wang is the co-founder and CEO of GMEMS Technologies. Inc.

Prior to that, Dr. Wang co-founded NeoMEMS Technologies, Inc. and General MEMS Corporation, both companies were pioneers in MEMS microphone industry and successfully led to high volume productions.

Prior to his venture endeavor, Dr. Wang had worked as senior engineering manager at KLA Tencor. And Dr. Wang was also Vice President of Engineering at Fortemedia Inc. As a veteran in the MEMS industry, Dr. Wang has more than 40 patents on MEMS sensors, covering a wide range of industries such as consumer electronics, biomedicine, Immuno detection, etc.

Company Profile

GMEMS Technologies, Inc

Headquartered in Shenzhen China, GMEMS is a leading developper and provider of MEMS microphones and voice interface softwares. With its core technical team having accumulated more than twenty years of working experience in MEMS acoustic sensor and noise suppression algorithms, GMEMS intends to provide one-stop solutions for its end customers. Over the years, GMEMS has established itself as a leader in providing high performance MEMS microphones and voice processing algorithms for voice interface applications.

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