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Dr. Mary Ann Maher received her Ph.D. from Caltech in 1989 in the area of semiconductor device modeling. At Tanner Research she began the simulation and modeling group and launched Tanner’s T-Spice analog circuit simulator product. As Director of Advanced Products, she brought to market Tanner’s MEMS Pro microsystem and MCM Pro multi-chip module and packaging design tool. Moving to MEMSCAP, she became the company’s CTO and the General Manager and Executive Vice President of the Design Automation Business Unit. In 2004, she started SoftMEMS, LLC, the maker of the popular microsystems design tools – MEMS Pro and MEMS Xplorer, where she serves as CEO.

Company Profile


SoftMEMS was founded in 2004 by Dr. Mary Ann Maher. SoftMEMS products are based on the MEMS Pro software developed by Dr. Maher’s team at Tanner Research in 1997 and the MEMS Xplorer software developed by Dr. Jean Michel Karam’s teams at TIMA and MEMSCAP.

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