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Dr. Subramanian S. Iyer

Director National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program, NIST
CHIPS for America R&D Office


Subramanian S. Iyer (Subu) is Director of the National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program (NAPMP), on assignment from UCLA where he is Distinguished Professor and holds the Charles P. Reames Endowed Chair in the Electrical Engineering Department and a joint appointment in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of California at Los Angeles. He is the founding Director of the UCLA Center for Heterogeneous Integration and Performance Scaling (UCLA CHIPS). Prior to that he was an IBM Fellow. His key technical contributions have been the development of the world’s first SiGe base HBT, Salicide, electrical fuses, embedded DRAM and 45nm technology node used to make the first generation of truly low power portable devices as well as the first commercial interposer and 3D integrated products. He has been exploring new packaging paradigms and device innovations that may enable wafer-scale architectures, in-memory analog compute and medical engineering applications. He is a fellow of IEEE, APS, iMAPS and NAI as well as a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE EDS and EPS. He is a Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Bombay and received the IEEE Daniel Noble Medal for emerging technologies in 2012 and the 2020 iMAPS Daniel C. Hughes Jr Memorial award and the iMAPS distinguished educator award in 2021.

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